The GE GT Digital Energy Series UPS is a completely uninterrupted power supply. It effectively protects your equipment from getting any type of power interference, especially against power failures. It is a true Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI) double conversion UPS which doesn’t use a transformer. It incorporates the most advanced technology in power electronics. It’s specifically engineered to perform with the highest level of standards. It provides protection for critical loads which come from various types of utility failure and variances. GE’s GT Series is a convertible platform which has a low weight and a small footprint. It was designed to ensure maximum site flexibility. Units from this range are very easy to install and can also be serviced without any difficulty.

2. GT Series UPS – UL Listed (5-10kVA)
The 5-10kVA unit has a rack and or tower design. It provides maximum flexibility since all the required parts are delivered inside the packing box. It has a standard back-feed protection to ensure site safety without the need to install additional installation requirements. It also comes equipped with matching battery cabinets. The 5-10kVA unit comes with a programmable load shutdown. You can remotely switch it on and off for unmanned or isolated sites. It uses hot batteries which you can swap. You will be able to easily replace the batteries without having to disconnect the load. This model comes with multiple PDU options which comes with load connection possibilities. It uses the single phase output voltages of 120/208V.

3. GT Series UPS – CE Listed (6-10kVA)
The 6-10kVa model uses single phase output voltages of 220/230/240V. It has a wide input voltage window of 84-276V which effectively minimized battery use and prolongs its battery life. It comes equipped with paralleling and redundant capabilities. You can increase the UPS capacity depending on your site requirements without any extra charges. This unit has an internal automatic bypass switch which provides continuous power supply even if the UPS itself is overloaded. It has no load shutdown which prevents low loads from experiencing deep battery discharge.

The GE GT Series UPS is a valuable resource to any business or company. It provides excellent options for efficiency, productivity and streamlining. The redundancy and power of the GE GT Series UPS units are all expandable. You may add units to increase it by a maximum of 30kVa in a parallel system. Its range has contact interference as standard and comes equipped with RS232. SNMP is an available option for network communication purposes.

The internet service providers, server firms, telecommunication and network companies always need backup power to continue their runtime. Often due to a fault in the lines or power-cut these UPS Systems act like a true savior.

With the help of the right network UPS you can get premium backup power and battery runtime. But of course you cannot trust just an ole UPS for this task. With the help of the Eaton 9170 network UPS you can rely on quality backup power and battery runtime. The best thing about this Eaton 9170 network UPS is that it changes accordingly and adapts well with the ever changing IT environment.

What Are The Features?

There are many features of this UPS and it can eliminate the single point of failure with the help of N+1 power and battery redundancy. It adapts well according to the changing nature of the IT world and incorporates scalable design of 3 kVA power modules as well as battery modules. It helps to increase the service life of any battery significantly. It has a very easy setup as well as service requirement with the lightweight and hot-swappable battery and power modules. It can collect the information quite quickly on the critical parameters with the help of an LCD screen.

The power rating of this Eaton 9170 UPS is 3KVA, 6KVA, 9KVA, 12KVA, 15KVA and 18 kVA. It can handle 208V,220V, 230V, 240V on the input with 120V, 208V, 220V, 230V and 240V on the output. The frequency that it requires is 50/60 Hz. It is completely compatible with any PC/operating system. The Eaton/Powerware 9170 UPS has truly become one of the best and most useful backup sources for all critical environments. Eaton/Powerware has been proved to be the best manufacturer of network grade UPS equipment. Thus, if you are looking for a battery backup UPS for your company then look no further.


The internet service providers (ISP), telecommunication companies and network services have to be available 24/7 and provide uninterrupted services. So, this Eaton 9170 UPS can be very useful. If you are an owner of a company, be it small or medium, you can rest assured the Eaton 9170 UPS will do its job and protect your most valuable assets. This is undoubtedly an amazing product with a lot of good and positive feedbacks from our clients. Since the IT world and its environment often changes, this network UPS is ideal for it. It can adapt well with all types of environments and changes. Thus, it provides the best and most reliable services all the time whenever you need it.

There are several Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS System) technologies available, all of which have various pros and cons. This article intends to help guide you in the correct choice for your required application. All GE UPS Systems consist of a rectifier which converts your standard mains AC power into DC power, an inverter that converts DC power into AC power, and an energy storage medium which is usually lead acid batteries.

There are three main UPS technologies – Offline, Line Interactive and Online Double Conversion – and two different types of the inverter – square wave (also called pseudo-sine wave or modified sine wave) and sine-wave.

An Offline UPS provides basic levels of power protection. There is usually a degree of surge suppression incorporated, and when the input mains voltage goes out of tolerance (that is too high/low or fails), the UPS inverter starts up and provides power to your equipment. There is a break in the mains supply when this occurs in the region of 10-20 thousands of a second which will go unnoticed by the majority of equipment. The inverter in offline UPS is nearly almost always a square wave.

A line interactive UPS is similar to an offline UPS but has the added benefit of voltage regulation. This means that it will reduce the mains voltage if it goes too high (called “buck”) or raise the mains voltage when it goes too low (called “boost”). It will do this without reverting to a battery and hence conserve battery life. Since a line interactive UPS has an inline transformer, it also provides inbuilt filtering and hence a higher degree of power protection. Like the offline types, there is also a break during the transition from mains power to battery power. In higher quality line interactive units, this break may be as low as only 2 to 4 thousandths of a second. Line Interactive GE UPS Systems come with a square wave as well as sine wave inverters.

The online double conversion GE UPS system is considered by many to provide the highest levels of power protection. The inverter is always on and provides power to the load. This means that there is no deviation in output voltage and no break if the UPS reverts to battery power. The output waveform in an online UPS System will almost always be a sine-wave, generally of very high quality and can enhance the operation of certain equipment. An online double conversion UPS also has a bypass circuit, which allows power to be continually fed to your load even if the UPS develops a fault or is overloaded.