• Receipt of your battery
    • Your N1C LR-Series lithium battery typically leaves the factory with approximately 30% State of Charge (SOC).
    • Your N1C LR-Series battery module should be installed within 60 days of receipt. If unable to install in this time period, please follow the charge procedure in the following pages within 60 days of receipt.
    • The SOC of your battery can be viewed without installing the battery or connecting it to your N1C UPS. To view your battery SOC simply open the box to expose the battery breaker on the rear of the module. Insert the 2″ signal cable into one of the two Battery Capacity Extension ports. (if the signal cable is not inserted, the Fault light should blink red).
      N1C LR-Series Battery Status Lights
    • Turn on the breaker (flip up), and press and hold the button on the front of the battery module for 5-10 seconds.  There should be 1-4 green status lights lit.  Each lit light represents approximately 25% SOC.   NOTE: If your battery has one solid red light and one solid green light it is in Low Voltage Protection Mode and will need to be returned to and N1C Service Center for recharging.* (Service fee may apply.)
    • NOTE: To discharge the battery module, connect a load to the UPS and run UPS on battery power.
  • Battery Storage
    • N1C battery modules should be stored at a SOC greater than 60%. Any time the battery is not connected to an N1C UPS LR-Series module is considered storage.


      Storage time, temperature, and humidity when stored at 60% SOC

      32F~77F <12 months Max. 95%RH
      77F~110F <3 months Max. 95%RH
      110F~120F <1 month Max. 95%RH
      32F~77F is the recommended storage temperature
  • Charge Procedure using N1C UPS
    • N1C LR-Series battery modules should only be connected to LR-Series N1C UPS systems. Connection to any other equipment will void warranty and may be hazardous.
    • Connection Steps:
      • Connect UPS battery terminal to the battery module (CON 1 or CON 2, or both) with supplied DC battery cable (red/black wires).
      • Insert the COM Cable (shielded RJ45 cable supplied in packaging) into the BMS COM port on the battery module. The other end connects to the BMS communication port of the UPS.  (This cable is not used on the N1C.LR10000)
      • Insert the supplied RJ11 Termination Cable (appx. 2-3 inches) in to either Battery Capacity Extension port on the battery.
      • Set the Battery ID switch dial to the “0” position. (for single battery charging)
      • Turn the battery breaker from OFF to ON position by lifting up.
      • Press the ON/OFF button on the front of the battery module for 5-10s to wake up the battery. The LED RUN light should illuminate along with 1-4 of the battery level lights.
      • Charging Procedure
        • Start Charging: After the battery module is connected as above to the UPS, connect AC power to the UPS to start charging.
      • If there is not a green Battery Level LED flashing check the UPS to be sure it is connected properly and indicating that it is charging via the UPS LCD screen. If the red Alarm light is flashing, check to be sure the Termination cable is installed properly.  If the Alarm light is solid red and there is more than one green light lit, check that the COM BMS cable is connected properly and/or the ID dial is set to “0”.
        • NOTE: If your battery has one solid red alarm light and one solid green light it is in Low Voltage Protection Mode and will need to be returned to and N1C Service Center for recharging.
      • Once the battery has reached the desired charging level, turn off (push down) the breaker on the back of the battery module.  Turn off the UPS. Disconnect the DC cables from the UPS, remove the Termination and COM BMS cable, and turn off the UPS.