[Formerly EATON 9E]
An all-in-one solution that reduces installation & startup complexity, as well as providing maximum runtime, the EATON 93E UPS is engineered to deliver the most efficient power quality solution across the three areas that count most: space, power, and cost. With its internal batteries providing up to 60 KVA, this battery backup power supply delivers up to 98 percent efficiency while maintaining a small physical footprint.


Features & Benefits

  • Single cabinet design reduces installation, wiring, and maintenance costs
  • Up to 35 percent smaller footprint than similar industrial UPS systems or commercial UPS systems
  • 98 percent efficiency for lower operating cost
  • Runtime up to 21 minutes using internal batteries
  • Runtime up to 138 minutes when paired with an Extended Battery Cabinet (EBC)
  • Intelligent Power Manager software monitors & manages multiple power devices across your network
  • Detachable maintenance bypass options for zero downtime
  • One year parts & labor warranty included with Eaton startup protection plan to the load

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Product Snapshot
Power Rating 20-60 kVA
Voltage 208/220 Vac three phase
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Configuration Tower


Technical Specs

Topology Double-conversion online
Configuration Tower
Rating (VA/Watts) 20 kVA/16 kW
Efficiency Up to 98% High-efficiency mode, Up to 92% Double-conversion
UPS Bypass Automatic on overload or UPS failure
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches)
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm)
53.5 x 20.9 x 31.5
1360 x 530 x 800
Connection Hardwired
Operating frequency 50/60 Hz (45 to 65 Hz)
Input power factor 0.99 typical
Input current distortion <5% THD
Nominal voltage 208/220, 3/4 wire
Output voltage regulation ±1% Static; ±5% dynamic at 100% resistive load change, <20 ms response time
Output Receptacles Hardwired – see manual for terminal block layout
Overload Capacity 150% for 40 ms / 125% for 30 seconds / 110% for 10 min
Battery type 9 Ah, sealed, lead-acid, maintenance-free
Battery Management ABM (Cyclic) or float
Battery replacement Field-replaceable
Internal Batteries Yes, has internal batteries. Field service upgrades needed to add external batteries (EBCs) to extend runtime
User Interface Graphical LCD with blue backlight
LEDs (4) LEDs for notice and alarm
Audible alarms Yes
Communication ports (1) RS-232, (1) REPO
Communication slot (2) Mini-slot communication bays
Power management software Eaton Intelligent Power Software Suite CD
Audible Noise < 64 dBA at 1 meter (noise less room) typical
Operating Temperature 0ºC (32ºF) to +30ºC (86ºF); Batteries recommended max. +25ºC (77ºF)
Safety markings UL60950 , EN55022/EN55024
EMC Markings IEC 62040-2
Markings UL, cUL
Storage Temperature -25ºC (-13ºF) to +55ºC (131ºF) without batteries; +15ºC (59ºF) to +25ºC (77ºF) with batteries
Relative Humidity 5 –95%, non-condensing
Altitude < 1000m at +30°C (86ºF)


1. Due to continuous product improvements, program specifications are subject to change without notice.


Industries & Applications

The EATON 93E is designed to be one of the most versatile emergency power supply systems for enterprises in need of an industrial UPS system or a commercial UPS system. It delivers maximum power in the least amount of space for small-to-medium users who have unusually high power density requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Data centers, IT systems, or telecom closets with relatively larger power needs
  • Network switching & processing equipment
  • PLC controls
  • High-quality power backup system for AS-400 systems
  • Hospitals, clinics, and medical centers
  • Financial Institutions

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Other Uninterruptible Power Supply Models

UPS Models
Part Number Power Rating Input Plug Output Receptacles

93E (20 & 40 KVA) Models with Standard Runtime

9EF02GG03001003 20000 / 16000 Hardwired Hardwired
9EG04GG03001003 40000 / 32000 Hardwired Hardwired

93E (20-30 KVA) Models for Extended Runtime

9EA02GG05001003 20000 / 16000 Hardwired Hardwired
9EA03GG05001003 30000 / 24000 Hardwired Hardwired

93E (40-60 KVA) Models for External Runtime

9EB04GG05001003 40000 / 32000 Hardwired Hardwired
9EB06GG05001003 60000 / 48000 Hardwired Hardwired


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