ENERGY STAR® qualified and ideal for both rack-mount and stand-alone installations, the EATON 9PX UPS delivers premium backup power and scalable battery runtimes for servers, voice/data networks, and storage systems. Ergonomically-designed and intuitive graphical LCD interface and robust power management software simplifies managing your industrial UPS system or commercial UPS system— even in virtualized environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Enables you to customize UPS settings, view load and power consumption information through the graphical interactive LCD interface.
  • Fully integrates with Intelligent Power Software Suite for continuous up time of servers and virtual machines.
  • Provides more real power (watts) to protect more equipment and leave room for expanding IT systems.
  • Delivers added runtime with extended battery modules and extends battery service life by 50% with ABM technology.
  • Cuts energy usage and costs with ≥93% efficiency rating in normal mode
  • Maximizes availability with extended battery runtime options, hot-swappable batteries, internal bypass and optional maintenance bypass.
  • Helps save money and protect the environment through energy efficient operation (ENERGY STAR® qualified UPS).
  • Split-phase models offer both 120V and 208V output without a transformer; saving vertical rack (U) space, weight and cost.

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Product Snapshot

Power Rating 5-11 kVA
Voltage 208V and 120/208V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Configuration Rack / tower

Technical Specs

Configuration Rack / Tower
Color Black & Silver
Topology Double-conversion online
Diagnostics Full system self test at power up
Rail Kit 4-post rail kit and tower pedestals included; Optional 2-post rail kit available, part number: RK2PC
Remote emergency power off (REPO) ROO and RPO: Rear deck emergency stop connectors (for remote on/off and power off)
Nominal Voltage 200/208/220/230/240V
Input Voltage Range Full load: 176-276V, Derating: 100-276V
Default voltage 9PX5K and 9PX6K: 208V. 9PX6KG: 230V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Frequency range 60 Hz: 50–70 Hz, 50 Hz: 40–60 Hz
Input power factor ≥.99
Input current distortion <5%
Circuit breaker (2) 20A for L6-20R
Power ratings NEMA 5 kVA 200/208/220/230/240V: 5000 VA/4500 watts
Power ratings NEMA 6 kVA 230/240V: 5400 watts

220V: 5100 watts

208V: 4800 watts

200V: 4600 watts

Power ratings IEC 6 kVA 200/208/220/230/240V: 6000 VA/5400 watts
Nominal voltage 208V default (200/208/220/230/240V)
Output voltage regulation ±1% steady-state
Voltage THD <2% for linear loads
Power factor 0.9
Efficiency 93% with resistive load
Transfer time 0 ms
Optional extended battery module (EBM) 9PXEBM180RT
Maximum number of EBMs Add up to 4 EBMs
Battery description Sealed, lead-acid; maintenance free
Battery management ABM technology; 3-stage charging extends battery service life by 50% and provides advance warning for battery replacement
Battery replacement Hot-swappable internal batteries and EBMs
Start on battery Cold-start enabled; first cold start is always forbidden
User Interface Graphical display. UPS status in a single view.
LEDs 4 status-indicating LEDs
Communication ports RS-232 (RJ45) ports; USB port as standard (HID). 6-foot RS-232 and USB cables included
Communications card slot Network Card-MS included
Power management software Eaton Intelligent Power Software Suite CD (included)


1. Due to continuous product improvements, program specifications are subject to change without notice.


Industries & Applications

The EATON 9PX UPS is a more powerful solution in a compact footprint for smaller users who have relatively denser power requirements in clinics & hospitals, financial institutions, businesses, and other sites in need of an emergency power supply system. Available in rack or tower platforms and perfect for applications including but not limited to:

    • Smaller data centers, IT systems, or telecom closets with relatively larger power needs
    • Network switching & processing equipment
    • PLC controls
    • High-quality power backup system for AS-400 systems

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Other Uninterruptible Power Supply Models

UPS Models
Part Number Power Rating Input Plug Output Receptacles

120/208V Output, 50/60 Hz Bundles

9PX5KTF5 5000 / 4500 L6-30P** (18) 5-20R, (2) L6-20R, (1) L6-30R
9PX5KP1 5000 / 4500 L6-30P (6) 5-20R, (1) L6-30R, (1) L14-30R
9PX5KP2 5000 / 4500 Hardwired Hardwired
9PX6KSP 5500 / 4900 L14-30P*** (6) 5-20R, (1) L6-30R, (1) L14-30R, Hardwired
9PX6KTF5 6000 / 5400 L6-30P** (18) 5-20R, (2) L6-20R, (1) L6-30R
9PX6KP1 6000 / 5400 L6-30P (6) 5-20R, (1) L6-30R, (1) L14-30R
9PX6KP2 6000 / 5400 Hardwired Hardwired
9PX8KSP 8000 / 7200 Hardwired (1) L6-30R, (2) L14-30R, Hardwired
9PX8KTF5 8000 / 7200 Hardwired (18) 5-20R, (2) L6-30R
9PX10KSP 10000 / 9000 Hardwired (1) L6-30R, (2) L14-30R, Hardwired
9PX11KTF5 11000 / 10000 Hardwired (18) 5-20R, (2) L6-30R
9PX11KTF11 11000 / 10000 Hardwired (8) 5-20R, (2) L14-30R, Hardwired

208V Output, 50/60 Hz Bundles

9PX5K 5000 / 4500 L6-30P** (2) L6-20R, (2) L6-30R, Hardwired
9PX6K 6000 / 5400 L6-30P** (2) L6-20R, (2) L6-30R, Hardwired
9PX6KG 6000 / 5400 Hardwired (8) C13, (2) C19, Hardwired
9PX8K 8000 / 7200 Hardwired (3) L6-30R, Hardwired
9PX8KHW 8000 / 7200 Hardwired Hardwired
9PX11K 11000 / 10000 Hardwired (3) L6-30R, Hardwired
9PX11KHW 11000 / 10000 Hardwired Hardwired

TAA 9PX North American Rack Models: 208V, 50/60 Hz

9PX6KUS 6000 / 5400 L6-30P** (2) L6-20R, (2) L6-30R, Hardwired


** Terminal block with L6-30P
*** Terminal block with L14-30P


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