Large Cabinet, 3-Phase UPS with Lithium-Ion Batteries

Eaton Power Xpert 9395 with Samsung Lithium Ion Battery CabinetsCritical systems require a powerful battery backup solution that will ensure uninterruptible power supply. Let our sales engineers design a large cabinet lithium-ion UPS system that is a long-lasting and suitable solution for all commercial sectors.

One of the greatest challenges for businesses and industries today is maintaining a constant energy supply to keep their operations up and running 24-hours a day. With operations shifting to the digital platform, more companies are dependent on running a number of computer-aided machines, which need constant electrical energy. Industrial sectors such as data centers, telecommunication companies, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and the finance sector have been the greatest seekers of alternative solutions to mainstream connections.

Modern advancements in energy storage technologies are rapidly revolutionizing the perception and adaptation of uninterruptible power supply systems as better options are introduced to the market. Unlike the past when companies had to resort to the highly unreliable lead-acid based systems as their battery backup, lithium-ion solutions in large cabinet UPS systems are reversing the norm.

Different from their predecessors, lithium-ion batteries come designed to complement any modern system without any hassles. These UPS systems are available in a number of models, with each having unique features, power capability and battery capacity for a specified application. You no longer have to resort to the one-size-fits-all option, which was more typical of lead-acid batteries.

IT and facilities professionals who are after plenty of performance and a robust system can contact N1 Critical Technologies to have large cabinet UPS solutions designed with lithium-ion batteries. They are the ultimate solution for industries that are after powerful systems, which will support all their operations without any glitches. Lithium-ion large cabinet solutions are three-phase systems, making them ideal for maintaining substantial energy requirements of vital systems.


Advantages of large cabinet lithium-ion systems

  • Lower total costs of ownership: Given the required maintenance and replacement of lead acid battery systems, you stand to save much more over time from purchasing a single large cabinet lithium-ion system.
  • Longer life expectancy: Lithium-ion batteries are designed to last about 15 years, giving such large cabinet systems longer lifespan for continuous long-term use.
  • Safety and reliability: Large cabinet lithium-ion systems are specially designed to guarantee a constant flow of energy from a connected system of batteries. Lithium-ion is also heat tolerant, and can operate without performance degradation up to 140º. That means your batteries last, even if your AC units don’t.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Right from the installation to maintenance, large cabinet lithium-ion systems require little or no extra special technical attention. Advanced models come with an LCD touch screen displays, which provide all relevant information concerning the system.
  • Smaller spaces, lighter materials: Lithium-ion batteries provide more energy in a smaller space than lead acid batteries of the same runtime. This reduces space needs and can even save on structural strength improvements that may be needed when installing heavy lead acid systems.
  • More charge cycles: Lithium-ion batteries are outstanding have higher charge cycle counts and take shorter time to charge back to full capacity, reducing energy costs and prolonging the life of the battery system.