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N1 Critical Technologies is one of the first USA-based fully-authorized resellers for Riello brand uninterruptible power systems, backup power systems, and power management systems.

Riello UPS is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) based in Verona, Italy.

With R&D focus being exclusively on producing UPS systems, Riello UPS has the flexibility and agility to design innovative power solutions to meet specific end-user requirements. And with a global customer base, Riello UPS has proved to be a strong player in the power quality industry. RIELLO UPS’ mission is to provide solutions that guarantee power continuity, quality and sustainability.

Riello is a world leader in mission critical power applications:

  • Established in 1986, Riello’s UPS division has over 35 years experience
  • Extensive field service coverage throughout the world.
  • Depended upon by key global accounts for power continuity and support.
  • R&D focused on innovative engineering of power systems.
  • Worldwide distribution network.
  • Recipient of multiple awards for engineering and design.
  • Quality Assurance program as per ISO 9001:2008
  • Offices in USA, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Poland, Australia, Singapore, China and India

Energy and Sustainability

Riello UPS is constantly developing solutions that are aimed at increasing power quality, reducing power consumption, increasing efficiency, and actively participating in the promotion of sustainability.

Riello UPS invests in environmentally friendly projects involving the development of new technologies for harvesting clean and renewable energy sources.

Riello UPS’ social commitment aims to help the present as well as shape a bright future, combining the inevitable need for energy with environmental protection.

Riello UPS is ISO14001 certified. Riello is also the first European Manufacturer to identify its products in terms of ECO energy efficiency ratings.

Depend on N1C for:

  • Design. We’re expert listeners. We’ll interview you and your key stakeholders about the technological demands and challenges you face concerning a Riello emergency power supply system or uninterruptible power supply system. We’ll then design a high-quality Riello power backup system that’s unique to your needs and mindful of your budget.
  • Install. We specialize in turnkey uninterruptible power solutions. Once you’ve determined the Riello UPS equipment that best and most most-effectively meets your needs, our local UPS uninterruptible power supply technicians will integrate all of it into your existing systems.
  • Maintain. Our after-sale support is second to none. But even beyond that, we can and want to be part of your facility management team. We offer affordable preventative maintenance programs for your Riello emergency power supply system, guaranteeing a response within four hours or less of notification thanks to technicians who are local to you and who have access to nearby inventory.

Email today to arrange a no-cost assessment of your needs, or phone 877-226-3311.

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Riello UPS Goals

Compact and powerful, Riello Sentryum 3-phase UPS systems range from 10-30kVA, 208/220VAC.

Riello Sentinel RT systems range from 1-10kva and are rack/tower mountable with online double conversion protection and extended runtime capable with external battery pack options.