Toshiba Uninterruptible Power Systems

We’re your fully-authorized resource for Toshiba uninterruptible power systems, backup power systems, and power management systems, offering unsurpassed expertise providing emergency power supply systems and high-quality power backup systems for large data centers, electrical engineering infrastructure, and other mission-critical IT applications. Check out some of the available models at right.

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  • Design. We’re expert listeners. We’ll interview you and your key stakeholders about the technological demands and challenges you face concerning a Toshiba emergency power supply system or uninterruptible power supply system. We’ll then design a Toshiba high-quality power backup system that’s unique to your needs and mindful of your budget.
  • Install. We specialize in turnkey uninterruptible power solutions. Once you’ve determined the Toshiba UPS equipment that best and most most-effectively meets your needs, our local UPS uninterruptible power supply technicians will integrate all of it into your existing systems.
  • Maintain. Our after-sale support is second to none. But even beyond that, we can and want to be part of your facility management team. We offer affordable preventative maintenance programs for your Toshiba emergency power supply system, guaranteeing a response within four hours or less of notification thanks to technicians who are local to you and who have access to nearby inventory.

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Truly the next generation of industrial UPS systems and commercial UPS systems, the Toshiba 4400 Series is a double-conversion, all insulated-gate bipolar transistor uninterruptible power system that features a digitally-controlled IGBT input rectifier, intelligent low harmonic pulse-width modulation of the output, and state-of-the-art electronic battery isolation circuitry.

Designed specifically as an industrial UPS system for the specific needs of the IT industry, the 4300 Series boasts one of the largest input voltage/frequency windows in the industry, which extends useful battery life. Features include true online double-conversion, an input power factor better than 98 percent, and input current THD less than 3 percent.

Frontend IGBT design allows the 4200FA to work optimally from zero to 100 percent load with less than 3 percent THD on the input, allowing for generator single-sizing. Optional matching battery cabinet and maintenance bypass cabinet allow for sixty combinations of three-phase/three-wire and three-phase/four-wire input/output voltages. Comes with a standard three year warranty.

Noted for its versatility, and offering the largest input voltage/frequency window in the industry, the 4200FA Series is designed to be a high-performance state-of-the-art commercial or industrial UPS system suitable for use across a wide breadth of industrial UPS system applications.

Widely used in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities as a UPS power conditioner with battery backup, the G8000 Series offers a high crest factor that’s ideal for MRI, PET, CT and other medical devices that have a high current inrush. The G8000 has a unity power factor output that provides 20 percent more energy than what’s typical of UPS systems from other manufacturers. It’s also 100 percent generator compatible, and its low input-current harmonics eliminate the need for an oversized generator.

Boasting efficiencies that are 10-to20 percent beyond current industry standards, the G9000 Series is excellent for N+1 parallel systems where loads are typically 30-to 40 percent. Designed for either standalone or parallel use, the G9000 Series allows you to configure as many of eight units— without requiring the use of a special switchgear cabinet.

The 1600 Series is tower-design, double-conversion online industrial UPS system or commercial UPS system that can supply clean, uninterrupted power to mission-critical loads over large input voltage deviations—without resorting to battery backup. Wide input voltage and frequency windows maximize generator compatibility. Input power factor is greater than 95 percent with an output power factor of 85 percent. LCD touch-screen display for easy UPS monitoring and control. Options include network interface card (RemotEye® II) environmental monitoring device. Available in 3.6, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 14, 18, and 22 KVA.

The 1000 Series is a single-phase double-conversion, true online uninterruptible power system that’s available in both tower and rackmount designs. Features include auto-restart and cold start, programmable load-shed receptacle, intelligent charger with rapid charge in only 4.0 hours to 90 percent.