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Simplify your maintenance schedule. If you need UPS battery or maintenance services, AC generator maintenance or other critical equipment support, we can help you streamline and save.

Coordinate your contracts

Bring all your maintenance under one roof:

  • UPS
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Generator
  • HVAC
  • Fire Suppression
  • Arc Flash Study

Nationwide Support and Service

Our vast network of service providers is fully vetted, trusted and proven to provide fast, efficient and top-of-the-line work for all types of projects, big and small.

Whatever your need, our technicians will arrive on-site fast, and get critical power problems resolved quickly, effectively and within a competitive price point.

N1C L-Series Front

UPS System

Choose among three levels of affordable service contracts for your uninterruptable power supply systems and equipment. Each helps ensure a constant supply of clean and reliable power for your business and minimizes accidental downtime. All feature a 24/7 call center to make sure you get the help you want as quickly as possible. We service all makes and models and perform all services related to maintenance of your UPS systems:

  • capacitors
  • fan & battery replacements
  • LED screens
  • circuit boards
  • switches

N1 Full Service Plan

Provides scheduled maintenance for your UPS system as well as emergency and nonemergency repairs as called for. Remote diagnostic & maintenance monitoring ensures that our technicians know about real or potential malfunctions even before you do. Technicians local to your facilities will respond within four hours with genuine manufacturers’ parts from our worldwide network of resources. Find out more.

N1 Preventative Maintenance Plan

Provides scheduled maintenance for your commercial UPS system or industrial UPS system according to industry best practices, as well as manufacturer’s recommended schedule of maintenance. Emergency and nonemergency repair services are provided per the terms of our Time & Materials contract at discounted prices. Stay ahead of UPS maintenance and prolong the life of your UPS system. Find out more.

N1 Time & Materials Plan

You’re in total control. Pay as you go. No contract necessary. Let us know when you want us to perform recommended or routine maintenance for your uninterruptible power supply equipment and we will be at your facility at the earliest possible moment. Likewise, notify our 24/7 call center that you require emergency repairs to your emergency uninterruptible power supply system and we will be there ASAP. Find out more.


From maintenance programs to equipment replacement and rental, our HVAC management is scalable to meet our customers’ needs.

We are an HVAC provider specializing in Critical Solutions with the ability to customize preventative maintenance programs for our clients at competitive prices. Through the use of the newest technology, we provide thorough, cost-effective maintenance programs for critical facilities.

Our HVAC management extends beyond regular maintenance. If building new space or replacing outdated HVAC equipment becomes necessary, we offer new OEM equipment and components from a vast array of brands including Data Aire, Trane, Carrier and many others.

We also understand the on-demand availability of portable cooling equipment. Under our umbrella, we offer rental cooling equipment with preferred, negotiated rates.

Battery Maintenance

N1 Critical offers a complete range of services required to ensure a functional and reliable battery protected system.

We provide services for all stationary battery systems:

  • UPS
  • DC Plant
  • Telecom
  • Switchgear
  • Generator

Fire Suppression

We partner with some of the most respected fire protection organizations in the industry. Our program includes full system design, equipment selection, site assessment, project management and service contracts. Technicians are located throughout the country to ensure a timely and dependable response.

Whether it’s detection and alarm systems, suppression systems or specialty fire protection tools, we provide an extensive range of equipment and solutions to keep your facility protected from fire-related damage.


Whether it’s maintenance and repair or rental services, we have a generator solution to fit almost any need. We’re always working with you to find service window options that ensure the most efficient use of your time and money. Our generator maintenance program offers quality service at competitive pricing for some of the world’s most notable organizations that need to protect their mission-critical infrastructure.

Some of the brands include: Caterpillar • Cummins • Detroit Diesel • Generac • Kohler • John Deere

We also understand the criticality of portable generators. Our network of generator providers have access to the country’s largest fleet of rental units. With fuel and support, nationally, we bring timely and cost effective rentals to your site 24 / 7 / 365.

Arc Flash Study

N1 Critical offers a complete program of compliance with the standards of NFPA 70 Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Companies seeking to complete an Arc Flash Hazard Study are typically presented with a wide range of service offerings, many of which leave key requirements unaddressed.

N1 Critical offers an NFPA 70E Compliance Briefing that supplies important information to equip your company with the tools to evaluate services before making a full project commitment.