Representing the latest power conversion technology, the new TLE Series is an innovative UPS that promises best-in-class reliability, efficiency, and power for your commercial UPS system or industrial UPS system. Operating in unison, the tri-level inverter and multi-mode architecture make real-time decisions between premium protection vs. premium efficiency, delivering up to 97 percent efficiency in premium protection mode and as much as 99 percent in efficiency mode.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly reliable and efficient tri-level conversion
  • Automatic or manual multi-mode operation
  • Less than 5% Input Current Harmonic Distortion
  • Unity (1.0) Output Power Factor
  • High (0.99) Input Power Factor
  • Less than 5% Input Current Harmonic Distortion
  • Compact design
  • Full front-maintainability

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Industries & Applications

Designed for midsize datacenters, medical equipment facilities, and other mission-critical applications requiring a high quality power backup system, typical applications for the TLE Series include but are not limited to:

    • Medium-to-larger data centers
    • Hospital applications such as MRI, CT, or PET scanning equipment
    • Financial Institutions
    • Industrial applications
    • Pharmacological manufacturing

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GE TLE-Series Brochure
GE TLE-Series Brochure
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